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Server Space

Om Internet Services has grown into one of the Ludhiana’s leading IT managed services providers, delivering mission-critical solutions for all types and sizes of businesses. Our expertise in managed data centre solutions ensures that we always meet our customer objectives, while providing them with the highest levels of service and performance.

We focus on the delivery of data centre-based, simple and complex managed hosting services, connectivity and network services, from a single server to a private cloud network. In all cases, our aim is to provide these services in an efficient, reliable, creative and intelligent way.

We understand that maintaining the availability of our customers’ infrastructures reduces risks to their businesses. We understand the impact that a loss of service may have on operations. We address these scenarios and at the same time offer customers significant operational cost-savings, enhanced flexibility and scalability, and an immediate return on investment.

Our services utilise state-of-the-art technology and management systems to prevent service disruption and ensure business continuity. Our customers’ servers are hosted in secure, controlled environments with solid reliability and stability.

Based in London, ServerSpace employ a team of dedicated, cross-skilled engineers who work with our customers to meet their needs. We proactively manage all hardware, software and infrastructure, providing innovative solutions that help our customers improve operational efficiencies and enable business advantage through the quality and flexibility of our services.

With ServerSpace, you have found a reliable hosted source for your network, data access and communications using a cloud-based infrastructure. We understand your needs thanks to our expertise in servers, networking and security. Our service level agreement (SLA) ensures your customer satisfaction in these services.