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We Design and Develop Static Website Designing, Dynamic Website Designing and Database Driven web sites using reliable open source technologies such as ASP, PHP and MySQL. etc.

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Static Website Designing

Static web designing is mainly intended for businesses and individuals who just want to put the information about their business or product on the website. It will be a great starter and profitable package for them. At the time of making site a static website , your homepage must be attention-grabbing but at the same time it must be cool and simple so people are attract to visit it again and again.

Static websites is a set of well Design static pages linked together. Animated website sites can be set-up with static sites so combine the best of both worlds. We simply take a brief from you, ensure we understand what is required and that we have all the information and details.

A static website is basically an online booklet. These types of website are the most common and they are perfect for any business that requires a website to advertise their products and services. World Wide Web is most cost effective form of advertising with growing of Internet for the number of potential viewers.

Designing a static website is the simplest way to showcase your product or business online. Static websites are for the people who prefer a significantly search engine friendly website, one that delivers content for which site visitors are searching.

Many people are turning away from brochure to websites as having brochures printed for product or services is very expensive moreover if your product or service changes, the brochure will become obsolete. With a website, simple changes can be carried out quickly and more importantly it is much more cost effective.

Static websites are designed for easy downloadable images, browser compatibility and easy navigation having effective graphics and interactivity. Static Website contains a site with linked pages using a font or graphics-based logo, and containing text, and simple graphics. Sites may include any number of pages with minimum script and HTML.

Static website Designing can help your business to present your products, services, and any other important information you want your visitors to have access to. Building a Static website is relatively simple because the development technology is simple to use.

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